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The Twin Connection/ National Twin Day/Twin Sessions with B&B Photography- St. Charles IL

When my sister and I were younger, it was super rare to be twins. We had so many people who had never met twins growing up, and people were soooo interested in knowing EVERYTHING about being a twin. 1) Were we identical? “No but we look so much alike.” 2) Did twins run in the family? (We are the only ones on my mom side that we know of and hey I was like 5 how would I know) 3) Could we read each others thoughts? (We were both probably thinking we’d rather never hear these questions again). 4) Could we feel when the other was in pain? (The last two were always hilarious and we loved playing with peoples minds.) #twins #nationaltwinday #welovetwins #wedontlookalike

As we got older, we meet more twins and it seemed like twins were everywhere especially on tv (thanks Olsen twins), but the questions never went away. As adults we still heard them, even as we started to look more and more different than each other. They never went away.

And now as a mother of twins, I realize that even 20 plus years later that the obsession over twins is still very real! I hear slightly different questions as their mother BUT the Love for twins and knowing all about them is very real. 1) Are they fraternal or identical? (They are a boy and girl if you don’t know why this is a rather ridiculous question immediately read my Top 5 Most interesting Facts about twins. Stolen from the internet haha). 2)Do they run in the family? (Then people find out that I am a twin and they automatically assume that WOW they do. No but thank you FCI and Dr. Nani). 3) So you have your hands full (Yes yes we do). 4) Do they have their own language? (I mean maybe but as far as I know they talk gibberish like every other 2 year olds).

But even though as a twin and as a mother of twins, if I never had to hear the questions above again I’d be ecstatic, I do LOVE being and having twins. Twins are amazing. The differences in identical and fraternal, the bonds, the LOVE, and the connection that ONLY twins can have is AMAZING. So here you go, some of the most adorable twins you’ll ever see! Identical twins Boys, Identical Girl twins, fraternal girls, fraternal boys, fraternal boy/girl twins, and even triplets! Check out the differences and the similarities yourself and then stay tuned after for: My favorite Top 5 FACTS about twins: #twinphotography #saintcharlesphotographer #kanecounty #Dupagecounty #bandbphotography

Top 5 Facts:

1) The word twin is derived from an ancient German word twine, which means 'two together'.

2)' 1 in 32 babies born in the United States is a twin.

3)Fraternal twins do run in the family but only on the maternal line. If a mother herself is a fraternal twin, the chance of conceiving twins increases four-fold.

4)The rate for identical twins, or monozygotic twins is random and universal (no influencing factors) and occurs 1 in every 285 births. They are the same sex, have the same blood types, hair and eye colour, hand and footprints and chromosomes, yet have different teeth marks and fingerprints.

5)Twins and multiples have been known to develop their own 'language' that only they understand. This 'twin talk' is known as cryptophasia or idioglossia. #factsfromtheinternet #twinfacts

Comment below if you have heard any funny questions about twins. Share this blog with anyone who might have twins :) & Message us if you would like to book a session with B&B Photography.



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