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What to Expect after Booking a Portrait, Senior or Milestone Session


Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer! I Love photographing children whether young or seniors in high school! 


My photography style is posed and very natural and organic. I  gravitate toward a hybrid of candid and posed sessions.  During the Portrait session: I  always have a handful of props or locations with multiple scenes to add the most to your gallery. 

All clients have access to our client gallery and a wardrobe consult if needed.  

All Booked! 

What Now?

Before session, please prepare your child/children for our session, as everyone having a positive attitude is the most important component for a successful shoot. 


This is ALL about your special  one! We take some classic poses to warm up then let the model's inner self shine through! 




I send a What to wear guide about a month before our session as well as a prep guide that has all of these detailed inside! And I am happy to give my thoughts on your wardrobe or to allow you to borrow from our women/children client closet.  We are proud to offer a large client closet with boho and princess styled dresses for children and adults.


Day of session:


I highly suggest not making other plans around our session time. Having a crazy, active day could make the kiddos extra tired. For the kids that still nap, do take naps that day. I also suggest eating before. It is super important to have kids with a happy, full belly. We don't want Hangry kids for photos. 


I typically hold off ‘bribing’ your child until needed. I will do everything I can to engage little ones. Having something just in case is always a great option! This is a special occasion so offering a small reward even for seniors like ice cream or a Frappuccino may be all the model needs to be shine!  (I generally have lollipops for the little for after the session, but if your child is younger, please bring a snack incase bribery is necessary.)


After Session:

Sneak peak sent to your email or posted on our social media 2-3 days before session.  7-14 days after selection, you will receive your soft proofed gallery to make your selection of images that come with packages with option to purchase additional images. Once images have been chosen, fully edited images will be emailed to you within 7-14 days.  Generally whole process takes between 7-21 days from date of session to get digital images to you.  Delay in choosing images does cause a delay in the return of images, so Pick quick! :) 

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