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Smash Cake Time:
1 Year Session


It's here! Your baby is turning 1! 

When to book: Every family is different some want photos back before the big party.  Some want to wait until baby is one for them to try cake at their party first so first things first decide on when! 

About 1-2 months before babies birthday, schedule your session! Especially if you need a weekend, those days go fast!   Look over our list of themes or if you have one in mind already book our deluxe package to set up a custom theme!

We do have a large selection of outfits and themes already so let us take some of the planning off your hands!

All Booked! 

What Now?

Do a trial cake/cupcake run at home first-most children don’t like cake at first and this will help them get use to texture and taste


~Ask me about outfits I have!



GWP studio has a boutique that you can use during your session for either the smash or the pre smash pictures. Please let me know if you would like to see those options. 


You will bring 2 outfits (or be provided 2). One is for a backdrop without the cake and the other is for the smash. 


I advise parents to bring a different shirt for you after the smash as they may get you messy too.

Quick tip: Even if you didn't choose a family package, one parent or both still dress nicely incase it takes baby a minute to warm up. A quick family cuddle may be all it takes to make baby happy!

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