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Client Closet/ Maternity Gowns/ St. Charles IL

The one major regret that I have when I was pregnant that I have very few photos of my bump. I did get a few. My business partner and sister did take maternity photos of me in my nursery and I love them. But... I do wish that I had taken more formal photos of this momentous time in my life. I will only ever be pregnant those two times (I love my little babies, but I did not love being pregnant) and I wish I would have taken those photos that made me forever look back and think about how beautiful and forever changed my life would be.

So when we got into photography, I knew I wanted that something extra to make maternity photos special. I wanted to offer the mommy's to be, that came to us that piece of art that would always make them remember this special time in their life. #maternityphotographer #stcharlesilmaternitysessions #onceinalifetime I always highly recommend taking maternity photos no matter if you didn't with your first or if you don't "feel" pretty or any other excuse you can think of. They are some of my favorite to shoot. I love capture that glow, that special smile for the growing family, the special bump that will quickly become a special little baby.

We offer each of our clients the choice to borrow a gown from our Client Closet. Once a client books with us, we offer a Client Consultation where mommy can come and try on our gowns. We get most of our gowns from amazing boutique shops that specifically designs for photographers. We have at least 3 dozen different boutique gowns in our collection and growing. Our gowns can be found in an album on our website as well as a Facebook albulm. Some of our favorites shown below. Some of our favorite gowns are shown in the photos but almost all of our gowns can be seen in the link below.

So if you have had a baby do you regret not getting or getting photos done? A survey I took of my clients said 60% were upset that they never gotten them and the 40% that had gotten them were 100% happy with them..... Do you know a momma who is pregnant or pregnant yourself? Check out our gowns and book today! Message us with any questions. But no matter what get those pics taken even with just your phone.



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