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Bartlett IL/ Family Photographer/ First but Not Last Blog Post

This is our very first blog post! For our first ever blog we thought we'd answer some questions we get most from our clients whether during the inquiry process or once we are working side by side to create the memories.#bandbphotography #bartlettilphotographer

What's in a Name?

Many people ask us about our name B & B photography so in our first post we thought we'd share our history. The name has multiple layers for us. First off, we are twin sisters named Rebecca and Roberta, who have always gone by Becca and Berta. Our surname was Bailey so we were always Becca and Berta Bailey. As children we spent a good part of our lives, between working, eating and causing trouble at our Grandpa and Aunt's restaurant BB Café where we grew up. This always held very special meaning to us and we wanted to honor our family by continuing on the legacy of the name. #bandbalexisilfovever

Where are you located?

We are located at an in house studio in Bartlett, Il, but we do a lot of outdoor locations throughout the year, such as one of my favorites shown here. We also will travel to do at home photographs for special requests. #bartlettil #crystallakeil #chicagolandsuburbs

Favorite type to shoot?

We get "the good feels" from so many different pictures. Becca loves to take Maternity pictures because she loves to make mommy's feel beautiful. Berta loves newborn sessions because she loves cuddling the babies and getting them swaddled up tight and sleepy. We both love Smash cakes and milestones because you get to see that newborn baby growing up and becoming their own tiny person with their own personalities. #maternityphotographer #newbornphotography #familyphotos

Favorite season to shoot?

We both love fall the most. The color changing, browns and reds make pictures so amazing. The fact that everyone is all snuggled up in sweaters, coats and boots always makes me feel like home. #givemefall

Was this always what you saw as your profession?

We both went to school for the same thing; we were planning on being teachers. During student teaching, we both decided this was not all our calling, but we still both love hanging out with children and love all the smiles and giggles. We both have always loved taking pictures, mostly of our kids and friends and family. People always told us we had a great eye and great ideas. One day we decided to pursue the field. We have purchased better cameras, taken many classes, taken a few probably million pictures for fun, practice, portfolio building, and clients and a profession that we loved was born.

What can you expect from our blogs in the future?

Like many other photographer bloggers, we will blog about our experiences and clients as we go forward, seasonal themed blogs, some learning resources and much more. We also have a plan to have a Blog called REBL Adventures, which is following the experiences of our four children under 4. Berta has one 2.5year old daughter named Bailey (which was our last name), and Becca has Liam (4 in November), Reagan and Elliot who are 2.5 years as of April. We plan on it being fun and playful and capturing their adventures in photos. #rebelcrew


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